Jazzotron & MKDSL - Speakeasy (DJ Gray Remix)

Jazzotron & MKDSL - Speakeasy (WAVA 789-020) - Wawaviva Records
Artist: Jazzotron & MKDSL
Title: Speakeasy
Label: Wawaviva Records
Cat.No.: WAVA 789-020
Style: House, Tech House, Electroswing
Format: Digital
Country: Slovenia
Released: 15 July 2013

1. Speakeasy (Original Mix)
2. Speakeasy (DJ Gray Remix)
3. Speakeasy (Tavo Remix)
4. Speakeasy (James Copeland Remix)

Collaboration from two of the finest Serbian Electroswing artists Jazzotron and MKDSL bringing us fresh as lemon-juice track Speakeasy. Blend of flautas, trumpets and retro bass pumping up this ultra beat track you can't get out of your head. Release featuring a pack of tweaked, techy and filter crushed remixes from DJ Gray, Tavo and James Copeland.

Early support by: Jason Rivas, DJ P.E.A.C.E., Monte Vagino...

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